Art Nouveau furniture

Design drawings by Heinrich Vogeler

The unique Art Nouveau furniture from original designs by Heinrich Vogeler is made exclusively in the Müller joinery (Tischlerei Müller) in Worpswede. The grandson of Heinrich and Martha Vogeler, Hans Georg Müller (photo), began in 1972 with the re-editing of the 1908 designed Art Nouveau furniture.

The design drawings and some originals of this attractive and sturdy furniture series (photo) had been preserved in the archives of the Haus im Schluh.

Chairs, tables, benches, cabinets, chests and special manufactures, decorated with hand-carved tulip designs, can be acquired in ‘natural’, stained or in white with painted tulips in shades of pink, yellow and red.

Also an elegant library mahogany furniture dating back to 1898, the so-called ‘rose cabinet’, with intricate carvings and brass decoration will again be designed true to the original. You can see the original in the Museum of the Haus im Schluh.

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