Heinrich Vogeler's total work of art at its authentic site: the Barkenhoff offers the visitor an extraordinary experience. The works of the painter, graphic artist, designer and architect Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942) are displayed in a multi-facetted exhibition in the house which served as the residence and atelier of the co-founder of the Worpswede artists' colony.

On display in the permanent exhibition are objects from the museum's own collection in combination with works on loan from other museums and private collectors.
The museum's offerings are rounded out by special exhibitions which pave the way to understanding the artwork of Vogeler and the artistic and cultural history of Worpswede. The exhibition in the Heinrich-Vogeler-Museum takes the visitor back in time to show the artistic development of Heinrich Vogeler and at the same time to reveal his works as a witness to the great upheavals in the history of the 20th century up to the Second World War. The museum, which was renovated and redesigned in 2004, now has additional exhibition space and a spacious new foyer in the former outbuilding as a result of the Worpswede master development plan. 

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