Circle of Friends

On 4 August 1993 the registered association "Freundeskreis Haus im Schluh Worpswede e.V." was founded. This “Circle of Friends” promotes various activities for preserving the architectural ensemble “Haus im Schluh”, which has been placed on the list of protected historic buildings and monuments. The Circle of Friends aims at assisting artistic and scientific studies dedicated to the history of "Haus im Schluh".

"Freundeskreis Haus im Schluh Worpswede e.V." works closely with the descendants of Heinrich and Martha Vogeler. It also engages in cooperative projects with other cultural institutions, such as the Barkenhoff-Stiftung and the Heinrich-Vogeler-Gesellschaft.

Members are regularly informed of the association’s activities by circulars and at the annual general meeting. "Freundeskreis Haus im Schluh Worpswede e.V." is a non-profit organisation. Receipts are provided for contributions and donations.

The Circle of Friends promotes with its own activities as well as financial support the ongoing establishment of a wide range of artistic and scientific activities in the form of exhibitions and projects. It organises concerts, lecture and readings which are held on the behalf of the “Freundeskreis Haus im Schluh”.

Annual membership fees are:

  • EUR 25.00 for singles and couples
  • EUR 12.50 for pensioners and
  • EUR 7.50 for schoolchildren, students and unemployed.


Dr. Alexandra Cappel
Meissener Str. 9
28215 Bremen


Vice Chairperson 
Hans Georg Müller
Im Schluh 33
27726 Worpswede

Förderer Worpsweder Museumsverbund e. V.