Worpswede Rotunda 2020

Myriam Holme
sojourning incidents

The rotunda built by Bernhard Hoetger in the 1920s is not only the main space of the Große Kunstschau but is above all more than just »normal« architecture: The rotunda is an architectural sculpture. In continuation of the exhibition series »Worpswede Rotunda« that was relaunched in 2019, the Große Kunstschau has invited for the year 2020 the artist Myriam Holme to develop an installation relating to this space. Holme takes one of the most exciting stances in contemporary painting. Not only does she depart from the classical painting materials by working with stains, gold leaf and other colour materials with an alchemistic touch, she also abandons the classical backing material and often paints not on canvas but on aluminium panels. And she also leaves the traditional boundaries of a frame far behind, intervening radically in the respective space with bent, crumpled panels, sheeting or blocks of glass. Her consistently non-representational painting thus becomes a physical and sensual all-round event. Holme's almost exuberantly baroque but at the same time delicate gesture matches the expressive dynamics of Hoetger's architectural sculpture. .

Abb.: Myriam Holme, ein bogen hinauf ins vielleicht, 2016, Glas, Aluminium, Lack, Beize, Acrylfarbe, Schlagmetall, Installationsansicht Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020, Foto: © Frank Kleinbach