Frauke Migge – Magic of Signs. A Retrospective

Worpsweder Kunsthalle
20/07 to 21/11/2021

To mark the 80th birthday of the painter Frauke Migge (*1941 in Bremen), the Worpswede Kunsthalle will exhibit oil paintings and drawings she created over a period of more than forty years.  

Migge came to Worpswede in 1973 on a scholarship from the Martin Kausche Studio and has been living in the artists' village since 1977. In 1979 she exhibited for the first time at the Worpswede Kunsthalle Friedrich Netzel. In the following decades her works were shown in further individual and group exhibitions.

In her works, Frauke Migge focuses on the moment of tension generated by the juxtaposition of the conscious and unconscious. Fantasy and reality become her artistic statement. Time and space, hope and transience, life and death – these are her dominant themes. Her works, executed in the technique of the old masters, have their own unmistakable figurative language. It is the combination of the pictorial objects, emphasized by unreal proportions and different pictorial planes, and then placed in the Worpswede landscape.

In tandem with the Worpswede municipal project »frauenOrt Paula Modersohn-Becker Worpswede« the exibition opens a bridge to contemporary Worpswede painting after Modersohn-Becker.

Illustration: Frauke Migge, Die heimliche Bedrohung (Ausschnitt), ohne Jahr, Öl auf Leinwand, 90 x 100 cm, Sammlung der Sparkasse Rothenburg Osterholz, Foto: © Rüdiger Lubricht


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