100 Years of Haus im Schluh. Artistic Production Site

21 November 2021 to 6 March 2022 

While the first exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the Haus im Schluh is dedicated to Martha Vogeler, her influence on the work of Heinrich Vogeler and the emancipatory force with which she developed the Haus im Schluh project, the second exhibition presents Haus im Schluh as a place of artistic production in all its diversity.

»Living with Art« has remained the motto of the »Heinrich Vogeler Foundation at Haus im Schluh« to this very day. But what does that actually mean? It refers to productivity in the field of art. Since its establishment in 1920, others besides Martha Vogeler and her daughters have chosen the Haus im Schluh as their home. For many artists, some of whom are now internationally renowned – painters, writers, film-makers and actors – it has served as temporary accommodation, a contact point for their first steps into artistic life or a refuge for completing a literary work. The Schluh compound is a community of individualists. This place is renowned for its tranquillity, its serene and cheerful way of life and its acceptance of the special aspects of artistic creativity.


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