The Museums of Worpswede

Four homes for art!

Worpswede's museums offer a splendid opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative universe of the artists' village. Nestled in the lively environment of Worpswede with its many galleries and artists' studios, its hidden beauties and delightful details, its cafés, restaurants and shops. The visitor's experience is rounded out by the fascinating landscape of the nearby Teufelsmoor in a unique triad of art, landscape and community.

Barkenhoff / Heinrich Vogeler Museum

The Barkenhoff was where Heinrich Vogeler lived and worked between 1895 and 1923. At the turn of the century it because the intellectual centre of Worpswede's artists' colony. The ensemble with its extensive garden was designed by Vogeler as a complete work of art and an »island of beauty«. Today the main building houses the Heinrich Vogeler Museum. For more details about the Barkenhoff please click here.

Grosse Kunstschau Worpswede

The Grosse Kunstschau Worpswede presents works from the historic artists' colony and contemporary art in one location. In the part of the building built by Bernhard Hoetger in 1927, visitors can experience the famous and well-loved classic works of Worpswede. Special exhibitions of international and contemporary art are held in the wing built by Gerhard Müller-Menkens in 1970/71. For more details about the Grosse Kunstschau Worpswede, please click here

Haus im Schluh / Heinrich Vogeler Collection

The fourth generation of the Vogeler family maintains the two historical half-timbered houses which comprise Haus im Schluh, which was established in 1920. At this idyllic rural courtyard, visitors will find the extensive Heinrich Vogeler Collection, a hand-weaving mill, a pension and a coffee garden. In 2012 the historic exhibition rooms were expanded to include a modern gallery wing. For more details about Haus im Schluh / Heinrich Vogeler Collection, please click here.

Worpsweder Kunsthalle

Established as a private gallery in 1919, the Kunsthalle is Worpswede's oldest cultural institution. In addition to its own extensive collection of Worpswede art spanning all generations, the Kunsthalle holds special exhibitions featuring contemporary as well as international art and craftwork. For more details about the Worpsweder Kunsthalle, please click here.

For the addresses of the museums and their opening times, please see Visitors information.

The Barkenhoff and its interiors
The house in Schluh (Heinrich Vogeler Collection) with its new bright exhibition rooms.
The Worpswede Kunsthalle and its restored exhibition rooms with works for the partial exhibition "New Ways - Birds in the Soviet Union" 2012
Förderer Worpsweder Museumsverbund e. V.