Other exhibition venues

Other exhibition venues and cultural offerings in Worpswede

In addition to the four museums of the Worpswede Museum Association there exist two other exhibition venues in Worpswede which are also well worth a visit: the privately-run »Museum am Modersohn-Haus« and the »Käseglocke«. For more information about these two exhibition venues and about the many diverse cultural and tourist attractions in the artists' village of Worpswede, please see the following:

Museum am Modersohn-Haus
Hembergstrasse 19
27726 Worpswede
Tel.: 04792-4777
Additional information atwww.worpswede.de

Käseglocke / Verein Freunde Worpswedes e.V.
Lindenallee (mailing address: Bergstrasse 17)
27726 Worpswede
Tel.: 04792-950505 (museum) or 04792-1277 (office)
Additional information at: www.worpswede.de

Tourist-Information Worpswede
Bergstrasse 13 
27726 Worpswede
Tel.: 04792-935820
Additional information at: www.worpswede.de


The museum at the Modersohn House
Die Käseglocke photo: Gabi Anna Müller
The tourist information and its newly designed interiors
The tourist information in the Philine-Vogeler-Haus © Melanie Högemann
Förderer Worpsweder Museumsverbund e. V.