Other Museums and Galleries

In addition to the museums associated with the Museum Association (Museumsverbund Worpswede e.V.), there are many other museums and galleries to be seen in Worpswede. Art and craftwork have been an integral part of Worpswede ever since the days of its founding generation of artists. 

A landscape of museums and galleries has taken root in the town and has remained very lively to this day. Gallerists, private collectors, art associations and working artists have each made their distinctive contribution to the multifaceted image of the artists' village.

The Museum am Modersohn-Haus is situated in the former home of Otto Modersohn and Paula Modersohn-Becker. On display in the modern annex is the Kaufmann Collection, a collection of works by the "Old Worpswede Artists" which the art collector Bernhard Kaufmann has compiled since the 1950s.

In the Käseglocke, a strikingly rounded building from the 1920s that is aptly called the "cheese cover", the Friends of Worpswede present a unique collection of craftwork from Worpswede.

As a central place to go in the Bergstraße the Galerie Altes Rathaus shows from Thuesday to Sunday exhibitions of contemporary artists from Worpswede.

Galerie art99, located at the Alte Molkerei art centre, has on view a diversified range of contemporary art from Worpswede.

These attractions represent only a small selection of the wide range of opportunities which Worpswede offers to its visitors. Have a look around and visit the many museums and galleries which make art come alive in Worpswede.

Förderer Worpsweder Museumsverbund e. V.