Martha Vogeler

Martha Vogeler (*8 October 1879 in Worpswede, †30 May 1961 in Worpswede) was born in Worpswede and met Heinrich Vogeler in 1894 during his visit to Worpswede. She posed for him a number of times and they finally married in 1901 over the objections of both of their families. As a result, she was the focal point of their shared household at the Barkenhoff which Vogeler had choreographed as a total work of art, and she was immortalised in many of his paintings. After the birth of their three daughters, Martha herself started working as an artist and artisan. With her marriage in a state of crisis and after Heinrich Vogeler’s embrace of communism, she finally left the Barkenhoff with her 3 daughters and moved to Haus im Schluh, which had been built with Heinrich Vogeler’s assistance. It was there that she founded a hand-weaving business and a collection of farm equipment and furnishings. In addition to a permanent exhibition showing the early works of Heinrich Vogeler, she also ran a pension, the heart of Haus im Schluh that today is still owned by her family. Martha Vogeler died in Worpswede in 1961.

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