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Kaleidoscope Worpswede – Artwork Landscape Dwelling

Exhibition in the Worpswedian Museums
Große Kunstschau, Barkenhoff,
Haus im Schluh und Worpsweder Kunsthalle

June 24 until November 4, 2018

Many of the Worpswedian artists had the dream to combine art, landscape and life. When the artist colony was founded (1889) they created the »Myth Worpswede«. This gave the village in the Teufelsmoor a new identity that has had a lasting effect even to this day.

In the big communal exhibition »Kaleidoscope Worpswede« the four Worpswedian museums will explore how art has shaped and changed the place. The »Myth Worpswede« is artistically inspected. Post perceptions that have been consolidated for decades about Wopswede will confront new points of views, the attention will be directed towards present and future.

Worpswede and its artworks serve as an example for the exhibition which examines how today’s art changes our look at reality and how it can open new perspectives. The questions the exhibition is asking and the answers given will be surprising, illuminative and sometimes vexing. The town Worpswede and its art will be experienced anew.