Martha and Heinrich Vogeler. The History of a Collection

Since June 2015 the Haus im Schluh shows the newly-designed permanent exhibition »Martha and Heinrich Vogeler – The History of a Collection«.

Extending through the museum’s two buildings, its main theme – as a supplement to the permanent Heinrich Vogeler exhibition at the Barkenhoff – is the fascinating family history of Heinrich and Martha after their separation, thus marking the start of the museum’s history of collections.

In 1920 Martha Vogeler, the artist’s first wife, decided to set out on a path that was very courageous for her times: She purchased a plot of land, had an old farmhouse in the Lower Saxony style dismantled and rebuilt at the Schluh site.

Together with her three daughters they created more than a new home – from the very beginning her Haus im Schluh was intended as a museum and memorial for Heinrich Vogeler. Martha Vogeler also had enough room for a weaving mill and an archive. For many decades her home served as a lively hub of exchange for artists and writers alike.

Haus im Schluh

Im Schluh 35-37
27726 Worpswede
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Illustration: Heinrich Vogeler, portait of a woman (Martha Vogeler) [detail], around 1909, oil on canvas, 52 x 35,5 cm, Heinrich Vogeler Foundation Haus im Schluh Worpswede, photo: © Rüdiger Lubricht

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