Kaleidoscope Worpswede Weaving [differently]

Exhibition at the Haus im Schluh
June 24 until November 4, 2018

The art of weaving is a tradition in the Haus im Schluh. Weaving is a universal cultural technique and artistic form of expression. In a time when the world is interwoven and networks move closer and closer, this traditional handicraft is currently flourishing in contemporary art. 

A shift of emphasis from Heinrich to Martha Vogeler will be implemented in the Haus im Schluh for four month. Martha Vogeler had built and shaped the content of this idyllic and authentic place. Meanwhile her manual weaving mill and her guesthouse are still operated by her family currently in its fourth generation.

The topic of generations and weaving technique are picked out as a central theme by several current artists who partially realize engrossing artworks. In addition, a special presentation of Mieke Vogeler’s works will ensue.