Martha and Heinrich Vogeler. The History of a Collection

In 1920 Martha Vogeler, the artist’s first wife, decided to set out on a path that was very courageous for her times: She purchased a plot of land, had an old farmhouse in the Lower Saxony style dismantled and rebuilt at the Schluh site.

Together with her three daughters they created more than a new home – from the very beginning her Haus im Schluh was intended as a museum and memorial for Heinrich Vogeler. Martha Vogeler also had enough room for a weaving mill and an archive. For many decades her home served as a lively hub of exchange for artists and writers alike.

Haus im Schluh
Im Schluh 35-37
27726 Worpswede
Phone: +49 (0)4792 - 522

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Illustration: Heinrich Vogeler, portait of a woman (Martha Vogeler) [detail], around 1909, oil on canvas, 52 x 35,5 cm, Heinrich Vogeler Foundation Haus im Schluh Worpswede, photo: © Rüdiger Lubricht