Peter-Jörg Splettstößer - Windows, spots and the Last Judgment

Worpswede contemporary
Exhibition in the Große Kunstschau
March 18 to June 10, 2018

Peter-Jörg Splettstößer has been one of the most important contemporary artists in Bremen for decades and consistently and uncompromisingly pursues his own path with his conceptual, analytical art.

The driving force behind the conceptual artist living in Worpswede are changing studio spaces in the European metropolises of Rome, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam as well as the constant exchange with other artists. In his artistic work, Splettstößer not only explores different media, images and objects, but also deals with his own perception - as well as that of the viewer. It is not the detailed reproduction of reality that is his profession, but the fragmentary reflection of structures. Brushes and language serve him as tools: spoken and written are part of his work.

Recently, the artist has completed one of his most extensive series of works Fragments, for which he has worked since 1998 with excerpts from Michelangelo's famous fresco The Last Judgment. He translated Michelangelo's imagery into his own individual style, which is not intended to copy the whole ensemble, but to look at details of the original and to combine these grids: he composed square sections of a reproduction of Michelangelo's work and reacted with his collage-like painting on the gradients and arrangements of the original. The result is gentle, almost meditative-looking concepts.

For the first time, the whole work group Fragments will be presented in the Große Kunstschau and will be shown together with works from the simultaneously produced series Window Pictures, which are closely related.

Große Kunstschau Worpswede
Lindenallee 5
phone: 0 47 92 - 13 02 

Exhibition opening on Sunday, March 18, 2018, 11.30 am

Illustration: Peter-Jörg Splettstößer, Colors 8 (detail of the series Window Pictures), 2017, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 120 cm; Photo: J. Fliegner, Bremen.