Resonances II

Exhibitions in the Worpswedian Museums
Barkenhoff, Große Kunstschau
March 17 until June 16, 2019

The communal exhibition Kaleidoscope Worpswede as an extra level includes an artistic research project that exceeds the exhibition period. During the term of Kaleidoscope Worpswede several art academy classes from here and abroad will be invited to a work exchange in Worpswede.

The students assignments will have to deal with the questions or problems the exhibition poses on their artworks. The results will be showcased in the following exhibition Resonances. Like prior in the exhibition Kaleidoscope Worpswede it will deal with the exciting question, how nonlocal artists experience the place and its art and how they reflect it esthetically.

Though a central aspect will be which potential capacity and perspective for the futurity they will discover or develop. Thereby the exhibition will open spaces and release pulses for the town and art development of Worpswede in the anniversary year 2018.

Image: Exhibitionview of »Resonances II«, Barkenhoff, photo: © Jost Wischnewski/Worpsweder Museumsverbund