Heinrich Vogeler. Painting, Graphic, Architecture, Design from 1892 to 1942

In the Barkenhoff, an extensive exhibition on Heinrich Vogeler's life and complete oeuvre is to be seen: From the academy period, to Jugendstil and Expressionism, to the new realistic painting, exhibits from all genres refer to the creativity of this unique artist personality.

A selection of paintings and graphics documents the early work phase around the turn of the 20th century. Vogeler is presented as a book artist and illustrator. Valuable objects of art such as jewelery, porcelain and glasses present him as a versatile designer in the high stage of Jugendstil.

His work as a designer of furniture and interior furnishings is shown on the basis of design drawings and original furniture; Architectural drawings and models demonstrate his activity as an architect.

In addition, paintings by the later period document the personal, artistically political change in the life of Vogeler, who emigrated to the former Soviet Union in 1931 and died there in 1942.

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Illustration: Heinrich Vogeler, Melusine (detail), around 1912, permant loan of the State Museum for Art and Cultural History, photo: © Rüdiger Lubricht.


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